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Nithiyasri (Thiya) Kasiviswanathan

Thiya is a London based aspiring filmmaker and an avid movie watcher. Born and brought up in India, she moved to the UK, to begin building an artistic career. "Movies move me, make me feel emotions deeply and manage to educate while entertaining, it's like the best school!".

Her work is 
interdisciplinary, from writing/directing/shooting her own shorts to performing theatre. She writes stories inspired by her own experiences, which she brings to life by finding more creative ways of telling those stories.


Thiya's first short film was called A Sense of You, which was recognised in multiple film festivals, Nahemi Eat our Shorts and London Lift off to name a few. It is a 4 min non dialogue short about the reverie of a patient, Elena, that loses her hospital roommate.


Her second short is called A Candy Tale. Set in a restaurant, a girl tries to procure a candy that runs away from her.

Thiya is working on her third short.

Semi-Finalist - New York Cinematography AWARDS  - 2023.png
AYW OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cinematography  Photography Awards - 2023.png

Her work as a cinematographer in her recent period short film, As you wish, has gained her recognition in festivals (Finalist at European cinematography awards, Semi-finalist at New York cinematography awards.). She has experience working with a range of cameras including Arri (Classic, Mini, Mini LF, SXT), Red and Blackmagic.


She enjoys film photography in her spare time. 

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Attic Theatre International Film Festival - 2023.png
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