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As you wish


As you wish is a period drama short set in an Edwardian girls boarding school. The story revolves around Valentine's obsessive infatuation with the popular kid, Ava. Their crash and burn relationship is reflected through the lens of a female gaze.

Shot on: Arri Alexa Mini
Lenses: Zeiss Arriflex Primes, Arri Alura Zooms 

We funded the film through a successful kickstarter. All of the crew and cast are aspiring students. 

 MAY 2023

As you wish is a finalist at the European Cinematography Awards.
Semi-finalist at New York cinematography awards 2023
Official Selection at the Cinematography and Photography awards 2023.
Horourable mention at The Greenwich Film Festival 2023.


AYW OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cinematography  Photography Awards - 2023.png
AYW official selection.jpg
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